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Enhance Your Ride with a Floor Glow

Transform your driving experience with our mini LED car lights that light up the floor. Enjoy a stylish and functional addition to your vehicle, providing ambient lighting and a touch of luxury. Perfect for night drives and impressing your passengers.

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Illuminate and Locate

Experience the ultimate convenience with our cutting-edge in-car lighting system. Designed to light up every nook and cranny, this advanced feature helps you effortlessly find lost items in your vehicle, even in the darkest corners. No more fumbling or frustration—just a simple, bright solution to keep you organized and stress-free on the road.

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How To Use

Power On: Turn on the Luminex Car Light by tapping it. If it does not turn on, temporarily plug it in. Change Colors: Select the appropriate brightness level by using the adjustment buttons to suit your needs and the lighting conditions inside your car. Creating an Interior Under glow: Attaching the Light: Position the Luminex Magnetic Car Light under the dashboard, seats, or along the sides of the interior to create an under glow effect. Securing the Light: Use the magnetic base to securely attach the light to any metal surface within your vehicle. Ensure the light is firmly in place and not obstructing any car functions. Adjusting Position: Adjust the angle and position of the light to achieve the desired under glow effect, enhancing the ambiance and visibility inside your car. Versatile Placement: You can also place the Luminex Magnetic Car Light in the trunk, glove compartment, door handle or any other area that requires illumination. Fine-Tuning: Position and angle the light as needed to ensure it provides sufficient light exactly where you need it.